Weekend Away - Part 1

This weekend, Stef and I took a two-day trip down to meet up with MaryAnn and her husband, Scott, who we haven’t seen in years. Slowly, but steadily, we are attempting to re-engage ourselves in some semblance of a social life. We met up with them at Old Sturbridge Village in South Central Massachusetts, a location about equidistant from our home in New Hampshire and their home in Connecticut, and from that first moment, we picked up right where we left off.

We’d been to Old Sturbridge Village a few years before, on a trip with Anisa and Bill, but it was nice to roam around the place again. We certainly weren’t as engaged in the historic recreations as we had been the previous time, all of us having so much catching up to do, but it was a nice setting to hang out in and talk, even if it did cost twenty bucks to get in.

After that, we followed them back to their house in Connecticut to spend the night. On the way, we ate thick chocolate chip cookies we’d bought from the store in Sturbridge and we listened to the comedy playlist on my iPod until Stef got stick of it and asked if we could listen to “some real songs.”

At their house, we met their cat and their dog and took stock of their lizard room, home to a turtle and several other green, scaly things. Surprisingly, our cat allergies didn’t act up for quite a while, and we were able to enjoy our stay without the drowsiness of antihistamines. We talked a lot, had us some barbeque, and eventually ended up downstairs in front of the TV watching just about any sporting event we could find. I think a movie was mentioned at one point, but by the time the girls came out of the sewing room, Stef and I were feeling the effects of the Claritin-D that we’d finally had to take, and we headed off to bed.

It was a good time and a great way to spend one of these first weekends post-MFA.