Horses, Swords, and Doric Columns

I’ve been thinking about my superhero-sci-fi-fantasy-whatever story again and I’ve been thinking that I’m dying to do something with it. Since I’m on my two-month hiatus from my novel, I feel like now is the time to finally dwell on some new ideas, or some ideas that I’ve had on the back burner for some time. And this superhero story has been the one thing I’ve been dying to get to over the past couple of years that just keeps getting put off.

The chief reason for this is that I don’t have the artistic chops to do the project myself. I’ve considered Poser, which I’ve heard has made some real advances since the version I owned years ago. I’ve already tried my hand at finding an artist via the web, and that didn’t turn out well. The people that responded to my ad were either hacks or wanted to charge me an arm and a leg. So, what options am I left with?

I could write the thing as a screenplay, hoping that someday somebody would be willing to invest the money to make it a reality. But, let’s face it, that’s never going to happen. I could try to draw it myself, but that would probably take the rest of my life. I could just write it as a novel, but I’ve always imagined this as a more visual story.

Yarrghhh… this entry sounded so much better in my head on the way home. I need to find a better time to write these things.

Anyway, what will probably happen is that I’ll just sit on the idea again and come back to it in a few years with the same problems. The world I’m inventing is becoming so specific and detailed at this point that I need a really special artist to pull it off. The setting is sort of a quasi-fantasy depiction of mid 19th century America. The characters are superheroes with a twist. They’re more fantasy/sci-fi heroes now than they were when I was drawing them in high school and college. There are horses, which suck to draw, I am sure. There may be trains. There are definitely swords and lots of doric columns. There are no cars. There are plenty of beautiful women and men. And yes, for those of you who read Blood Red back in the day, I am pretty sure there will still be a floating box/toaster-oven/microwave/whatever. How could I write a comic-type story without Teke?

It’s a great concept, and I’m longing to do it. But even if I did find an artist, I wouldn’t know what forum to publish this thing in. Would it make a good webcomic? I have a whole rant in my head about how the schedules of webcomics frustrate me, but I don’t have the energy to write it. Would my thing be a regular comic instead? If so, who the hell would publish it? It’s really out there and probably a major risk.

Hmm… so many questions. But, when the questions make you smile, when thinking about something like this gets you all charged up to get to work instead of just pissing you off and dragging you down… that’s a beautiful thing.