Buttered Up

We kept ourselves so busy on Saturday that by the time it came time to give Stef the shot on Saturday night I was just anxious to get it out of the way. There was less timidness on my part, and aside from the fact that we took extra time to be extra careful, the whole thing was over in a matter of a few minutes. I don’t know if this busy day was a conscious plan on Stephanie’s part—she says it was not—but it worked. And now that we have the first one over with, it should be smooth sailing from here, no?

We started off the day by driving down to Carlisle, Massachusetts to check out Great Brook State Farm, a state park we hadn’t been to in ages. The last time we were there, they said they would be undergoing construction soon, and when we pulled in on Saturday we were amazed at how it looked. Most of the character of the place was still there, but they had really spiffed it up. They’d moved the parking lot further away from the small pond, and they’d consolidated all of the animals up by the barn/ice cream stand, allowing the space the animals had once been in to grow over with a lush carpet of vegetation. It was beautiful, and we snapped dozens of pictures which I’m too lazy to put up here right now.

It was so early when we got there, though, that the ice cream stand wasn’t yet open. We wandered around for about a half-hour—you now have to pay two bucks for parking if you want to stay longer than that—and then we headed out. There were tons of families there with their children. If we’d stayed too long, it probably would’ve gotten depressing.

After Carlisle, we drove out to Concord to check out some of Minuteman National Park. We walked a bit of the Freedom Trail, from the visitor’s center in Lincoln to just past the road that leads to Hanscom AFB, and I talked Stef’s ear off the whole way, explaining the particulars of this new sci-fi story I’ve been talking about. We ran out of water, and that’s when we headed back.

As if that wasn’t enough activity for one day, we also grabbed lunch at a place in Concord Center (it was absolutely horrible food and worse service, but whatever), took the long way home, and then went to see Star Wars Episode III again. Stef gasped several times during the movie, as revelations about the threads running through all six movies occurred to her, and that made me smile. I was succeeding in turning my wife into a Star Wars geek, after all.

On the way home after the movie we picked up dinner at Taco Bell. It was Stephanie’s choice, but I probably should have dissented, knowing the potential side-effects of Mexican food combined with the potential side-effects of the Lupron might make for a bad night. But I didn’t stop her. I was too lazy to come up with another option and those thoughts weren’t occurring to me at the time anyway. So, we got a heaping helping of tacos and nachos and quesadillas and we headed home.

I was so buttered up, so to speak, by the time it came time to give the shot that we just did it and that was it. She said it felt like what it feels like when she pricks her finger while sewing, and that it was over way before she expected it to be. Surprisingly, I did not faint.

And so, the rest of the evening went on without incident. It seemed like it was all working out. And then, in the middle of the night, the Taco Bell and the medicine ganged up on her and a most unpleasant visit to the master bathroom was made.

She’s sleeping soundly as I write this on Sunday morning and she hasn’t been up again since that first time, so I’m hoping it was just a one-time thing which was the fault, mostly, of what we chose to eat last night. It was hard enough to jab a needle into her arm. I don’t want to see her nauseous for the next week to boot.