Empire Falls on HBO

The screen adaptation of Richard Russo’s Empire Falls is premiering this weekend on HBO. Somehow, I’d either never heard about this or I’d heard about it and forgotten. Maybe Tori told me or something, but I’d forgotten. And now this micro-mini series (two segments over two nights) is playing and I have no way of seeing it. I loved this book. It just grates on me that I’m going to have to wait for a DVD of it, if that ever comes.

The thing looks just so perfectly cast, too. Ed Harris as Miles, Paul Newman as his father, and Dennis Farina as Walt Comeau, aka The Silver Fox? How perfect is this movie going to be? And that it’s a three and a half hour thing, and not just a regular movie… that means less cuts, more of the story staying in place…

If only I could find myself a copy of it floating around online. I’ve tried, but had no luck yet. Of course I suppose I could subscribe to HBO for one month just to see the damn thing. But I’m not that crazy.

Am I?