Napping is Good For You

Chores in the morning, nap in the afternoon—that was Sunday for me. After the groceries and the laundry got done in the morning, and after a quick lunch, I headed upstairs to bed. My acid-reflux problem was worse than it had been in months. At least, I think it’s acid-reflux. Anyway, I was having really bad chest pains and I thought lying down would help. It did, but most of my afternoon was gone by the time I got out of bed.

Which is not to say that the napping wasn’t useful. I did feel better at the end of it, and I did come out of it with a revelation about the structure of my book. As you may remember, I’m in the midst of reading Belinda by Anne Rice. In it, she employs an interesting structure that I just might have to crib when it comes to revising my own book. The first and third parts of the book are told from the perspective of one character, with the middle section told from the perspective of another character, using the “kept journal” as a device—that is, the second part is basically us as readers reading along with the first character as he reads what the other character wrote.

Anyway, I think this would be a very interesting structural technique for me to try out when I return to the novel after my hiatus. One of the main things my second reader was looking for was a better sense of the one character in the book who never gets a chance to speak. He’s a writer, though, and my reader suggested that at some point we might see some of what he’d written. This is what I might do with that middle section—show the reader exactly what this character has written and let them read along, imagining that they are reading it along with the other characters who are seeing it for the first time.

So, even though I was sick for part of the day, I came out of it with some semblence of productivity. That is good.