On Wednesday I had to pay a visit to Reproductive Science Center in Lexington to make a deposit—two deposits, it turned out—and it was, for me, a morning filled with hilarity. First of all, I had been promised video documentaries here, in addition to the educational literature I’d found at the last place. But it turns out that the videos they used to have keep getting stolen. So I was left with nothing but a decrepit stack of magazines to inspire me. That, or my own overactive imagination. It’s hard enough to focus on the task at hand when there’s a little metal door in the wall that you keep waiting for someone to peek their head through, let alone trying to get the deed done without the supplemental materials you were promised.

And I had to do it twice.

Oh, it was a horrible chore, but it had to be done. And I even filled out the paperwork completely this time. That was a major accomplishment.

After that ordeal, the rest of the day seems a blurry mess to me. There was a lot on the to-do list at work and then there was the shot to give when I got home, and dinner to cook. And we watched The Eagles concert special on NBC, too. But it all kind of blends together for me, looking back on it now. I mean, I had to do it twice. Ask Stephanie—most days, after doing it just once, all I want to do is fall asleep. But today, I had to keep on trucking. So to speak.

It was also weird to walk right by the rooms where, in just about three weeks, they’ll first be pulling stuff out of my wife, and then putting stuff back in. And it was weird to think that I’ll be in a room just like the one I was in on Wednesday, while they’re with Stephanie on the other side of the wall.

I wonder if they’ll open up the little door in the wall and let us wave to each other. Hmm…