Melodramatic Rant About the Heat

Because of our financial situation, Stephanie has decided not to turn on the air conditioning for the foreseeable future. It seems the only tactics available to me if I want to rectify this situation are to play on her insecurities about our medicine. Some of it is supposed to be kept at a particular temperature and, since neither of us wants anything to go bad with this process, I might be able to win her over that way. But it’s looking like an uphill battle, folks. It’s like a sauna up here in the office, but I guess I’m just supposed to deal with it.

I hate the summer. Even more than the winter, I loathe this stuff. It’s close to 80 degrees farenheit as I type this and it’s not going to get any better as the weekend and next week rolls on. More to the point, I guess, I just hate extremes. I don’t really like the dead of winter either. What I’d prefer is that it be about 60 degrees all year round, maybe 55. I want it to be too cold for the bees, and too warm for snow. Is that too much to ask?

Of Massachusetts? Well, I suppose.

So, I guess I just deal with it. After all, if this is what she wants, I should grin and bear it. She’s the one that has to take an injection every day and will later in the month have to take two in a day. She’s going through all of this for me, for us, and if she wants it to be scalding hot in here all day long, then so be it.

Okay, I gotta go get a rag to wipe the sweat off of my keyboard now.