Empire Falls and Air Conditioning

After sleeping in excessively late thanks to the heat in the house, Stef dragged me out of bed and we went out to run errands. We shopped for a baby shower gift at Babies ‘R Us and I didn’t even once have the desire to strangle any of the parents and run off with their children. (Okay. Maybe once…) We went into the nearby Christmas Tree Shop and I did my best not to rag on the store’s idiotic commercials. And we ate a late lunch at Friendly’s, where I regaled Stef with a tale of my misspent youth that took place in that very restaurant, one that she’s probably already heard a million times before.

And after all that, we came home, plopped down on the couch, and finally got to see the film adaptation of Empire Falls. Adelphia, our cable company, and the bane of our existence, was actually good enough to provide an HBO Free Preview weekend, and we took advantage of it.

I loved the film, as did Stephanie. She hadn’t quite finished the book yet, which I was sad about, because I think it would’ve been better for her to read the ending for the first time, rather than see it, but she enjoyed it, too. It’d been a while since I read it, so Stef was the one pointing out where they had moved things around. It worked for me, though, because it really captured the spirit of the book.

It was superbly cast, with Ed Harris as Miles and Danielle Panabaker as Tick really standing out for me. But it was Paul Newman’s Max that was a stroke of genius and I said to Stef early on that he must’ve executive produced the film just so he could play that role.

It was a great way to spend an afternoon, even though the air conditioning was still off, and I can’t wait for the DVD. It really must come out on DVD. If it doesn’t… well, the folks at HBO better watch out.

Oh, and the air conditioning did eventually come on in the evening, when Stef realized how stifling it was upstairs as I sat downstairs, where it was relatively cool, watching the Pistons and the Heat game. So, we’re back to civilized living again.