I’ve got a lot to learn about timing. On Monday morning I finally got around to posting the guest entry I was commissioned to write for The Valve. In the bio I included of myself on the bottom of the page, I mentioned that I write daily for the Bastad. And it turned out I received several clickthroughs because of this. But what was up on the page for all of these new visitors to see? Yesterday’s piece of schlock entry and about a dozen Red Sox updates in the SoapBox.

It didn’t exactly show the best of this site to the world. I suppose I should say, “Fuck it,” and move on, but I’m genuinely pissed at myself for not thinking through my strategy just a little bit more.

As a guy who has worked in marketing for a number of years, I should have known better. I should have had some really neat content up here to entice any potential visitors to stay a while and get involved. This was my one big opportunity to attract a larger readership to this project and to say that I blew it would be an understatement.

Oh well.

The other thing is that I agonized over the damn Valve entry for so long that by the time I put it up the school year was over and readership over there had dwindled. It had been my goal, since I’d been offered this chance to do a guest spot over there, to sort of make my mark, get my name out there. It was a publication, however small, and one of my first. More people would see this entry than anything I’d written to this point. Which, I guess, was cause enough for me to agonize over every sentence. But I took so long that I missed out on my opportunity to make a bigger splash, if you know what I mean.

Again, oh well.

What I really need to learn about timing is that there’s no such thing as good timing. There really just isn’t.