The Gameplan

Stephanie went in on Tuesday for the first of the many doctor’s appointments we’ll partake in this month. This one was what they call a “suppression check”. They did an ultrasound and some bloodwork in order to make sure that here ovaries were “quiet”. They were, I guess, trying to make sure that nature was now out of the equation and the doctors and the drugs were now in control of her body. Everything went well at the office and later in the day the nurse whose been assigned to our case gave a call to explain what we’ll be doing for the next week.

The gist of it was that we were to continue with the drug we’ve been using thusfar, Lupron, at the same dosage, through Thursday evening. On Friday we are each supposed to take antibiotics (thankfully in pill form) to clear out our system. And also on Friday, we reduce the dosage of Lupron by half and begin what the ladies on the IVF message boards I’ve been visiting far too often refer to as “stims”. The stimulation drug we’ll be using is called Follistim. There is a supplementary drug, Repronex, which we have, just in case, that is not currently on the schedule.

Assuming all continues as normal, Stef will go in for more tests next Tuesday. Later on that day she’ll get instructions for the next week of treatment. And that’s basically the plan—take it one week at a time.

I was wound up real tight on Tuesday and it wasn’t until I heard the gameplan for this week that I really began to calm down. My hope is that Stef is not nearly as stressed out as I am. Really, the most important thing in this whole process is for Stef to be calm and comfortable. She seems that way most of the time, which is good.

It’s all happening, as the kids in Almost Famous would say. It’s all happening.