Gross Generalizations

Today I went grocery shopping and I was actually in a pretty good mood when I went, which is always a plus for all involved. I am very particular about the way my groceries are packed you see (it comes from years spent in that line of work), and when I’m in a bad mood and they pack my groceries badly I get angry… I get very angry. When I got to the checkout today I was presented with two choices when it came to baggers. On the one hand I had the same older woman who packed my bags poorly and set off a minor nervous breakdown two weeks ago, and on the other hand I had an obviously mentally challenged young lady. Which should I choose? Ah the crises I face on a daily basis…

I chose the register with the younger, slower girl. I couldn’t stand the thought of that old hag putting her hands on my groceries again. No matter how poorly the girl I chose ended up packing my bags it had to be better than what I had faced previously. It had to.

And it was.

And you see, not to be offensive or anything, that’s what I like about about the mentally handicapped. They take their jobs seriously. They are proud of whatever they do and thankful to be given the opportunity to make a living on their own. Surely this is where they can be, and probably are, more often than not, taken advantage of, but I have great respect for them. They are a model we should look up to.

And this is perhaps why I enjoy working for female bosses more than male bosses as well. Women, especially those who come from older corporations where they were treated unfairly, where they had to work extra-hard to be treated equally… I think they make better managers. They respect talent where they see it and they appreciate the value of hard work.

Most male managers (with a couple of very notable exceptions) are more concerned with people looking up to them, happier when someone kisses their ass, or sucks their cock, than when somebody has something valuable to offer an organization.

Most male superiors want to feel superior. In my experience, most female superiors just want respect.

I don’t know… Call them gross generalizations if you will, but they’re my thoughts and I don’t find them gross at all.

I have much grosser thoughts. Trust me. You haven’t read my novel yet. When you do, you’ll see just how gross my thoughts can be…

And speaking of my writing, this weekend I spent a good deal of time, and probably way too much time actually, speaking about my writing and my desires to get published. My Bradford peeps were very receptive and listened intently but it came to my attention by the end of the weekend that the only thing they had to judge my writing skill on was this site and some stories they might have read three years ago.

So for today’s Humpday Surprise I uploaded a complete story, or rather the first draft of one… a little ditty I call, “Those Little Bastads”.