The Trouble With Trilogies

Back in the Fall of 1997 I had no idea that the play I was writing for that year’s Student Theatre Festival would be the first in a trilogy of plays dealing with the complex workings of the Silver Family. Some 360 pages later, I feel quite accomplished. I have three screenplays, in various states of completion, and that’s something to be proud of. Now I find myself wondering what do with them? After all, a screenplay is only one part of a larger piece of art, a film. What good are these things going to do just taking up kilobytes on my computer’s hard drive?

The first thing I’d like to do is arrange sometime this year a series of readings so that I can finally hear what the words sound like coming out of peoples’ mouths. The first two screenplays existed previously as stage plays and so they won’t require as much work but the third screenplay has never been read by anyone aside from me. I’m sure there’s a lot of polishing that needs to be done there, and hearing the lines spoken will really help me out with it.

I envision getting an ensemble together that meets once a week for three weeks. Since some of the same characters appear throughout, it’d be nice to have the same actor portray the same character in all three readings. We’d simply have to get Larsen to reprise his role as Andy (the only character who appears in all three plays as a matter of fact). I’m not sure who else I’d ask. I have a feeling there might be more people ready and willing to pop out of the woodwork. I’m pretty sure JonMartin has expressed interest.

Of course after these readings I’ll want to publish the scripts but what then? Ship them off to some Hollywood studio to be butchered by execs who couldn’t care less about artistic integrity, except in the rare cases where artistic integrity sells tickets and oversalted popcorn? I don’t think so. I’d want to do these films myself. ‘Course I’ve never directed a film before but I’m hopeful that if finances ever came into order and making these films was suddenly a possibility, that again, people would pop out of the woodwork.

One thing that this past weekend reassured me of is that I have great fucking friends. As a group, cats who went to Bradford are generally willing to do whatever they can to help one of their fellow survivors out. My pals are great people and in my conversations with them they were one hundred percent behind anything that I set out to do, and they seemed to be really thinking about ways they could help.

So, I’ve got 360 pages worth of screenplays. I need to do some readings. And then I need to make the damn things…

Anybody want to help?