Encouraging Numbers

News on the IVF front continued to be promising on Wednesday. Stephanie’s ultrasound uncovered a decent number of follicles (each follicle contains one egg) and most of the follicles were coming along rather nicely, with just a few slackers trailing close behind. The measurements, which will probably mean nothing to you, seeing as they mean almost nothing to me, ranged from 10-15 mm. This is good, because they want them to be about 18-19 mm before they extract them. Once again, we were all smiles.

But I still feel the need to remind Stef, and myself, that we must keep our optimism restrained. We’re still early in the game. There could still be an Embree-sized hurdle to overcome, to use a horrible baseball analogy.

The women on the IVF message board I’ve been frequenting believe that our numbers are encouraging. They say that it’s good that Stef is responding so well to a relatively low dose of medication. The nurses we’re working with seem equally pleased, indicating we may do the egg retrieval sooner rather than later, which means my small walk-on role in this production will be coming up soon.

But it could all go horribly wrong. It really could. I mean, I’m glad Stef is so happy right now, so encouraged by what we’re seeing, but I think one of us has to be the downer. One of us has to be the reality check. And since that seems to be my natural role anyway, I’m just going to keep on performing it.

In any case, I’m smiling too. This has gone far better than expected so far. I just don’t want to set myself up for a massive fall. I’ve read too many heartbreaking stories, and I know my own tendencies. So, I’ll keep a level head. I don’t think it will keep from enjoying things. At least I hope it won’t.