Numbers Game

On Thursday they had to rein her in. Stef’s estrogen level, one of the primary ways in which they measure how she is reacting to the stims, was rising just a bit too fast. On Tuesday it was at 684. On Wednesday it went up to 957. And today it was up to 1710. So, they upped the dosage of Lupron, which is the drug keeping her system in line, and they lowered the dose of the stimulation drugs. And now we have to wait until tomorrow morning (Friday) to see how things are developing.

This is the part of the story where we all breathe a sigh of relief that Stephanie is the calm one. If I was the one who had to carry the baby, we wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in cliche hell.

It doesn’t help that I have a terrible earache, probably verging on an infection, and that during one of my walks earlier in the week I somehow chafed and irritated a large patch of skin on my asscheeks. These things have been so painful over the last two days that I’m surprised I’ve had any energy to worry about all these silly numbers at all.

Yes, I suppose I did just admit that I’ve been worrying about numbers, which I said I wouldn’t do. Oh well. Bite me.

I’m listening to an old school Aerosmith jam right now, them covering “Rattlesnake Shake”, and it’s really mellowing me out. This is good.