Nap Time

The three or four hours I spent napping this afternoon were the best part of my day. It was the first real sleep I’ve had since the middle of last week, when these ear problems first started creeping up on me. I’d seen the doctor again in the morning and I’d already taken one of the oral antibiotics he’d prescribed. The pain was less, one ear was less-clogged, and exhaustion took over as I drifted off into dreamy dream land.

And we just finished off with the second day of PIO (progesterone in oil) injections, and this time it hurt. It even bled a little! So, at least now I know I’m doing things right.

In all seriousness, the blood did scare me a bit. But they say it’s normal for there to be a little bit of blood. We compared the sites of the two injections, as we’re alternating sides, and tonight’s was a bit higher than last night’s. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with the blood, but I’ll be aiming lower in the future. In any case, Stef says that it’s not the needle that hurts so much as the medicine itself.

On Tuesday, we’ll get the call about when to come in for the transfer on Wednesday. Thankfully I’ll be back to work at the part-time gig on Tuesday, and I’ll have little time to obsess as I catch up from being out of the office today.

My ears are better, Stef’s shots are hurting, and our little embryos, the ones that made it through the first night, are presumably still growing. If the Sox can keep putting in six-run innings and pull out a win tonight, all will be right with the world.