Game 069 - Sox at Cleveland (W 10-9)

It’s game 69, dudes. Say it with me, in that classic voice, “69, dudes!” Anyway, I listened to a bit of the game on the radio while driving to pick up pizza from the Merrimack House of Pizza (which serves infinitely better pies than the Pizza Man, which is just around the corner from my house and has never quite lived up to it’s phone number—424-MmMm. And I’m pretty sure that Mort, fellow resident of the Miggity Mack, agrees with me. In fact, he once joked that their number should be 424-SoSo.). That was a rather long aside.

Anyway, nothing much was going on during that drive and I’ve only been watching the score via the web since, but damn if this game doesn’t look exciting from a Sox fan’s perspective. Three in the fourth and six in the fifth?!? Wowwy-zowwy.

But I notice Wells isn’t coming back in the sixth. Was it just a pitch count thing? I know he was pretty high, pretty early. Hopefully nothing went bad with Boomer. As much as I pick on the guy, I do think he’s a decent pitcher. He ain’t no Matt Clement, but he’s a good number two or three.