I’m Going To Be The Death of Me

The other day over on Beth the Bassist’s site she posted a picture from my wedding that I had posted over on my Clarkwoods site. The picture was of her and the rest of Table 12 singing a song to get Stef and I to kiss. (At our wedding you had to sing to get us to kiss instead of the normal tradition of clinking glasses.) Anyway, somebody with the screen-name of Corvi posted a comment on Beth’s site regarding that entry and apparently knew who I was. I was intrigued. I had no idea who this Corvi was, but he knew me. Thus began my quest…

Beth the Bassist’s site is hosted by LiveJournal, which is apparently the hip place to have a site nowadays. Back in the day, when I was first starting out in this whole web-publishing arena, the hip place was Geocities. Alas, that is no longer the case. The cool thing about LiveJournal is that if you have a LiveJournal you can interact with other people’s LiveJournals in all sorts of interesting ways. For example, in order to post as anyone other than “Anonymous” on the comments section of a LiveJournal, you have to have a LiveJournal yourself.

Well, this Corvi person had a LiveJournal of his own. I knew because his name was underlined. I clicked on his name and discovered that Corvi was actually a guy named Matt. I tried to think of what Matts I knew and I came up with several. There was no last name to be found, though there was a birthdate, which narrowed it down some.

I navigated Matt/Corvi’s LiveJournal back to his first entry and started reading. My thinking was, when people start a webjournal they often give some exposition to begin with. They tell you about themselves.

Alas, I found nothing.

It was a few dozen journal entries in when I spotted an entry about Meghan Toohey, a Boston-based musician who went to Chelmsford High (same as me). Matt/Corvi mentioned playing in Jazz Band with Meghan. Finally, I was getting somewhere.

I went into the living room, eyeing the window the whole time because of yesterday, and I dug out my old CHS yearbook. I sifted through the thing until I got to the band section and looked at all the names. There were one or two Matts.

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late), I find myself wondering tonight why I didn’t just write to Beth and ask her who it was. I mean, from the conversation over there it was apparent that Beth knew who she was talking to. Why, for Christ’s sake, didn’t I just ask her?

I’m going to be the death of me.