I’ve been thinking a bit about how it is that I knew the entire plot of the latest Star Wars film about a month in advance but I don’t know thing one about the new Harry Potter book coming out on Friday. How is it that details about some big entertainment events leak like the Titanic’s hull ten minutes after the iceberg (Ouch! What a bad metaphor…) while others are kept top secret until the last minute.

I have absolutely nothing useful to add to this conversation, if, indeed, there is a conversation about this matter going on. It’s just something I’ve been wondering about. I’m equally curious about how it is that Bobby Abreu hit twenty-four home runs in the first round of tonight’s Home Run Derby. I’m curious about a lot of things.

Like how Dubya is going to keep Karl Rove out of an orange jumpsuit. I’m really curious about that.

Aside from being curious about things, I am mostly content and content people do not a good webpage make. That’s the trouble with writing a rant-blog when you’re in a profoundly good mood most of the time—you don’t have anything controversial to say. There’s nothing for you to whine about. Instead, you just try to come up with silly shit to babble on about for a few paragraphs.

Like I’m doing now.

I really need to change the site’s subtitle. “Home to Assholes, Blowhards, and Other Delinquents” just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t help the reader understand what the hell is going on here. I feel like I need to give the site some context, like that’s what it’s missing.

Hmm… That, and better writing. Oh well.