The 100 Most Frequently Used Words in Those Little Bastads

Ah, the perks of having your book listed on Amazon. Amazon’s concordance feature lists the 100 most frequently used words in many of the books available on their site. It just so happens that my book is one of the books they provide this service for. I was quite amused when I looked at concordance for Those Little Bastads, both as the author and as a casual observer. There are only 36 instances of the word ‘fuck’ in the book (plus 44 instances of the word ‘fucking’) and that number surprised me. I remember it being a lot dirtier than that.

The most frequently used word in my book, apparently was, ‘time’, which appeared 136 times.

The technique they use can’t be an exact science, though, because Piri Thomas’s Down These Mean Streets, renowned in Bradford circles for its liberal use of the word ‘motherfucker’, apparently does not contain a single ‘motherfucker’ at all, at least according to Amazon. Maybe it edits out the worst words. Who knows…