A Little Cry

I almost had myself a cry over the silliest little thing today. Reading through a series of articles describing the month-by-month development of a fetus, I came across a passage about the fetus’s heartbeat. Or something like that. And I had this moment of… I don’t know… clarity. It dawned on me that I have actually helped to create another human being—maybe even two. And I thought, what an amazing thing for a person to do. What an awesome responsibility.

But it wasn’t terror that filled me. It wasn’t fear that brought my tears. I was actually happy, unbelievably happy when I thought of the little person (or persons) we might be bringing into the world. It’s a feeling that mothers and fathers throughout the ages have described far more eloquently than I can at this moment.

So, I almost had myself a cry. I stopped myself and got back to what I was doing, but I almost had myself a cry.

I wish that I almost had myself an entry here. The truth is that, as I continue to try and figure out exactly what comes next, I’m a little bit at a loss for words. I’ve been keeping myself occupied with Harry Potter, with thoughts about how I might revise my thesis, and with far too many visits to far too many pregnancy-related websites. And I haven’t left myself much time in the day to come up with clever things for this space.

Oh well. I’ll try again tomorrow.