Harry Potter and the Cut on Chris’s Foot

At some point in the middle of the night last night, I apparently cut my left ankle with a toenail on my right foot. This probably means I should cut my toenails. But, truth be told, they don’t look all that long or unsightly at the moment, so I’m wondering if maybe it was Stephanie who did it. Maybe she’s trying to get rid of me by slashing my ankles. Anyway, whether it was attempted homicide or attempted suicide, it didn’t work. I’m still here and I’m still weird.

I’m about 90 pages from the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and this means two things. First, it means that, by Wednesday, you shouldn’t be faced with any more entries featuring the boy wizard’s name. And second, it means that I’m going to be sad, sad, and more sad that it’s all over and I will need enormous amounts of comfort as I go through Potter withdrawal. As I’ve mentioned more than once, and probably more than necessary, Rowling has truly recaptured her “magic”, for want of a better word, with this new book.

I have done other things with my days since getting my grubby little hands on the new Potter, but most of these things are things I’ve written about countless times. Yes, I am aware that I’ve written about Harry Potter countless times, too. Oh well. It’s my webpage. Deal with it.

No malice there. Just silliness. And a lack of sleep.

On Wednesday, we finally get to go in for an ultrasound. So, my sadness about Potter withdrawal should be short-lived.