Harry Potter and the End of Geekiness

In finishing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this afternoon I have doomed myself to a world in which there are no longer any geeky things to anticipate. Star Wars has come and gone; I’ve listened to the new NIN record a million times, and seen them on tour; and I’ve seen Batman Begins, too. This year, which once seemed to full of silly, nerdy promise, now seems bereft of interesting things on the horizon.

Stef points out that I could be going ga-ga over the next Harry Potter film, now that I’m done with the book, but, while I love the films and look forward to them immensely, they just aren’t the same. I’ve read the source material. I know what’s going to happen. And therefore there is no speculation. And speculation is where all the fun is at.

Which is also why I don’t count the film version of Rent, a musical I hold close to my heart, as something to get geeked out about. As with the filmed version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I know how things will turn out.

A few things have been grating on me since finishing the book. If you’re reading it right now, you need not worry about any spoilers here. I don’t need to spoil anything in order to proclaim my absurdly strong love/hate relationship with the end of the text. I know it had to end the way it did, with a bit of a cliffhanger, but she does some things that aggravate me. She always does. And I know she’ll make up for that aggravation in the next book, as she also always does, but the next book is two years away at the very earliest, and I need my fix now.

So, the geekiness is all gone. There is nothing left for me to get all fanboyish about, no artistic endeavors on the horizon which I am absolutely dying to experience. At another point in my life I’d be the guy complaining about having nothing to look forward to (Editor’s Note: Isn’t that what you’re doing now?), but I know full well that I do have something very special to look forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow we get our first peek inside Stephanie’s womb since the embryos were put in.

I guess I can get geeky about that.