Hyped Up By The Hype

In May of 1999 I never thought I could be more pumped for a movie than I was for The Phantom Menace. I was aching to see that film when it came out. The hype and the buzz got me good. Whoever was in charge of marketing over at good ole Lucasfilm had done their job as far as I was concerned. Through the ensuing years I have held onto that notion that no other film could bait me as much as Episode I did, but now I find myself wondering if I’m not aching to see Episode II even more. And if I think the wait for Episode II is bad, what is it going to be like in 2005 when Episode III is just around the corner.

The difference between the final few weeks of waiting for the new film and the last bits of waiting for The Phantom Menace is simple. In the month leading up to the release of Episode I there was a lot of buzz on the internet about how disappointing it was, how offensive Jar-Jar was, how wooden Jake Lloyd’s portrayal of Anakin was… There was excitement, for sure, but more prevalent was the tone of disillusionment. People were being let down.

There is none of that this time. Early reviews for Episode II have been kind, if not altogether excellent. The buzz is that the film will more than make up for the disappointment some fans felt after the last one. I didn’t feel all that disappointed with Episode I, so I can only imagine how much cooler this new movie is going to be for me. I just watched Episode I with Stef on Sunday with our new stereo system blaring amazing quality Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. The movie is so much more intense when you can hear the pods in the Pod Race whizzing by from behind you, when you can hear the whirr of the lightsabers all around you…

So I feel even more excitment as the days wind down and I really can’t wait to see this movie a bunch of times. When Episode I came out I stopped seeing it after three viewings because I was living off of two week’s worth of work-study money from my last weeks working in the computer lab at college. And though I don’t anticipate seeing this new movie a million times either, I don’t think that I’ll be as limited as I was the last time, even with the whole being unemployed thing.

That’s what unemployment checks are for.