Book and Nose

Stephanie broached the subject of an upcoming camping trip with me this morning, right before I was to leave for work, and the resulting conversation was not pleasant. I was tired, my nerves were fried, and here I was, ten minutes before I had to leave for the day, panicking about how I was disappointing her and her family because I didn’t have enough vacation time to go on this trip. And, because of the shots, anything I can’t go to, she can’t go to. Anyway, I was frustrated. I’d only brought up the topic of vacation days because I needed to know whether to use some of vacation time to cover the time I took off for our ultrasound on Wednesday. I hadn’t been expecting this. In my frustration, I threw the book I had in my hand down on the bed and that’s when something bad happened.

The book bounced twice across the mattress and nailed Stephanie right in the nose. She was hurt, I was mortified, and there was much crying and apologizing. I actually think she was more upset that the mere mention of vacation was enough to make me stress out like I had than she was hurt by the impact of the book.

Anyway, I left the house feeling about as low as a person can feel. I’d broken down on the dining room floor on my way out, just thinking about how I’d hurt her and, in my paranoid brain, how I might’ve hurt the baby by causing Stef undue stress. And I was afraid I’d break down in the car, too. I was terrified as I backed out of my parking space, really worried that something bad would happen on my way to work.

As it turned out, the day went by without further incident. I called Stephanie a few times to apologize again and to see if she was okay. She was.

We’ve got a family gathering to attend on Saturday and I’m afraid Stef’s going to have a black eye when we announce to even more family members that we’re pregnant. Are they going to think I beat my wife? I really, really hope not. It was, as Stef’s been trying to tell me all day, an accident.

Sometimes I can’t believe the stupid things that happen in my life. I really can’t.