Game 099 - Sox at Tampa Bay (L 4-3)

When I conceived of it, the idea of a SoapBox entry for every Sox game this season sounded like fun. Even if I had nothing to say, it would help to make sure there was a constant flow of new content to the website. But what I’ve had to say has been, in my opinion, probably worse than saying nothing at all. With countless baseball blogs and message boards out there, written by people with far more passion for the hometown team, my piddling contributions have seemed to me a really pathetic gesture.

It’s not that I don’t like the Sox—I do. It’s just that there are so many games and so many faces and so much to keep track of. I could never do what Beth does over at her baseball blog. I don’t know enough about the Sox or have enough fire in my belly about what they do to actually write whole, coherent entries every day, or even almost every day.

I’ll follow the experiment through to it’s logical conclusion, but I wouldn’t count on the return of the game threads next season. There are a number of reasons why, not the least among them is that, with so many game threads appearing on the homepage at any one time (due, in part, to my inability to write about other things with any kind of regular schedule), it appears as if I’m writing a half-assed baseball blog. Which is not what I’m writing here.

Anyway, the Sox send David Wells to the mound tonight for the first of three games in Tampa Bay.