Ideas, ideas, and more ideas… Idea days are great. An idea day is the kind of day when I am just flooded with inspiration, when my muse shrugs off her overwhelming shyness like some uncomfortable cocoon and suddenly emerges, if only for a few hours, as a flighty, talkative valley girl, full of ideas for every single thing I’m working on at the moment. Today I had ideas for the novel I’m working on, the novel I plan on working on after I’m done with this one, and for this website. And while it would be rather useless for me to get into them in any great detail, seeing as none of you have read the novel I’m working on, and certainly none of you have read my mind to discover things about the next novel, I think I’ll spend this entry just being silly and flighty and excitable because I’ve had so many ideas.

What I wouldn’t give for a coherent sentence right now…

The idea for the novel I’m working on presently is actually something you can help me out with. The novel, which spans fifteen years, concludes in the fall of 2004. Set entirely in Massachusetts, I don’t think it would take a brain surgeon to figure out that I plan to make some mention of the Red Sox World Series victory. I may have even mentioned this before. Anyway, the idea I had today revolves around the final chapter.

Principally, the chapter will be about the impending nuptuals of the two women whose love story has been among the many plotlines we’ve followed throughout the novel. Using flashbacks, I’ll examine, through the eyes of their daughter, how they got to this point. They got to this point by making a bet with their daughter, a hard-core pre-teen Sox fan, regarding the Sox chances of making the World Series all the way back in the spring when gay marriage was made legal (May 17, 2004). The two women, both a bit cynical regarding the amendment, promise that if the Sox win the series they will get married.

So, the chapter will take place in the weeks following the Series win. That’s the sort of thing I have plenty of context for. I have plenty of context for describing what went on in their household during the ALCS and the Series. What I don’t have context for, and what you can help me out with, is the period of time surrounding the gay marriage amendment’s approval.

Who were they playing around then? Were things going horribly? Was there a particularly absurd story being tossed around? Anything you can help me out with would be most appreciated.

In terms of the other ideas… Well, the idea for this site is something I’ve been stewing over for a while and I think I’ll finally do it soon, so I won’t spoil the surprise. And the idea for the upcoming novel is still in its earliest stages, but if you buy me a drink sometime you might get a snippet out of me.