A Magic Number

Do y’all know what a counter is? I assume that most of you do, but in case someone doesn’t, let me give a quick explanation. A counter is a little thingy that counts how many visitors a webpage gets. My counter is located at the bottom of the front page of the site and every time you come on through here it tells me that you did. I’ve had the same counter since 1999 when I first started counting my visitors and today I noticed that we were finally reaching a milestone. We’re about to get our ten thousandth visitor. Now, you’re looking down there and seeing that there have already been 89,000 or so people and you’re wondering if I’m smoking crack but let me again explain. You see, thanks to a little screwup way back when my counter started at 80,000, so really we’re just getting to 10,000 now. Confused?

I wouldn’t blame you if you were.

It’s really remarkable to me to think that so many people have visited my site over the past three years. I know there are sites out there that get a million hits a month and that my piddling little ten thousand seems like chump change but I am really kinda proud. It says something to me that my site is worth the time of so many people.

There are a million web journals out there and people are choosing to read mine. Sure, most of the people who read my journal are people I know on some personal level, but there are people who wander in here from time to time who I don’t know. There are military people. There are people from big corporations. There are people from Hawaii. Really, there are people from everywhere that read this page every day.

I was having another rough day, another eight hours of feeling like a worthless human being, when I noticed the counter this afternoon. That number really made me feel like I’d accomplished something. I mean… I may not be published in any sort of respectable journal but my writing keeps people coming back.

So anyway, thanks to all of you who have helped inflate that number over the past three years. You keep coming back and I promise I’ll keep delivering.