Saturday’s Entry

Stephanie and I drove to Maine and back on Saturday. She’d been invited to attend Tori’s bridal shower, but she didn’t want to drive up alone, what with the morning sickness and the tiredness and all. So I drove and we hit a bit of traffic on the way up, but it was otherwise a pretty uneventful drive. And after I dropped Stef off I got some lunch and found a shady spot to park and read my book.

I’m on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire now, and I’ve found myself spending a ghastly amount of time during my reading considering how they’re going to successfully turn this one into a movie, considering some of the things I’ve already heard have been cut.

Anyway, I read and I read and I read and then it was time to head on back to the bridal shower to pick Stef up. Tori, Dan, and Kerry all wanted to see me and congratulate me on the baby, so Stef brought me back upstairs before we left and we had a nice visit. I got to try some of the chocolate fondue they had and it was amazing. Tori encouraged me to have more, but I knew that, if I did, we’d still be there now.

Needing to get back to our house at a reasonable time to do the shot (Friday night’s late-night injection following my haircut not having gone well) we said our goodbyes and got going. Tori sent us home with a small plate of lemon squares (which also turned out to be amazing) and we headed on down the road.

We finished the day with subs from Quiznos and watching the Red Sox game. Not having been present for the pre-game craziness, I was unaware of why Manny wasn’t in the game (as I later found out, so was everyone else). In the end, I was glad to see him on the field and still in a Sox uniform.