Game 104 - Sox vs. Twins (W 4-3)

Listening to the first inning in the car, on the way back from picking up lunch, I was quite impressed with how things seemed to be going. Papelbon seemed to be doing well, and when I got home his performance continued to be excellent. When he got into trouble and things seemed to be going the Twins’ way, I felt like it was okay that we sort of let what happen happen today. And then things got close again. And then they were talking about bringing Manny into pinch-hit.

Seeing him hit that single to drive in the winning run was magnificent. Enough bullshit, I thought; let’s just play some fucking baseball. I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd’s reaction, but I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. Sox baseball is theater and Tito and Manny orchestrated this scene to perfection.

Oh, what a beautiful game.