Alternative Supergroup (or, The Cure for Nine Inch Pumpkin Nirvana)

I was thinking this morning, while listening to the cover of “To Love Somebody” from Billy Corgan’s new solo album, The Future Embrace (listen for free at MySpace), about rock supergroups. On the track, Billy is joined by Robert Smith of The Cure on background vocals, and the sound of their voices together is hauntingly beautiful. Prompted by my enjoyment of this song, I started to wonder who you might pair with these two if you were interested in creating a full-fledged alt/grunge/mope-rock supergroup.

Imagine, if you will, Billy and Robert on guitars; Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails on keyboards; and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters/Nirvana on drums. The only thing you’d need is a bass player. I think I might bring in Simon Gallup (also of The Cure), simply because I can’t think of any superstar bass players. And everyone would share vocal duties. It would be a grand old mess, but it would be cool as anything nonetheless.

This exercise then reminded me of a similar conversation/game I had with my Dad ages ago, which wasn’t so much about gathering superstars as it was about gathering the most competent players you could imagine into one super-band. Dad always started off with Keith Moon, his favorite drummer. At the time, I didn’t really have a clue and I probably picked Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith as my bass player. Which is not to slight Tom in any way, as he once answered a personal email I sent to him, and is a fine bass player to boot—it’s only to say that my knowledge of musicians names at the time didn’t extend much farther than the boys of Aerosmith.

Oy!!! I just thought of it: Les Claypool from Primus! Hells yeah.

Okay, so here’s my alt/grunge supergroup:
Billy Corgan: guitars, vocals
Robert Smith: guitars, vocals
Trent Reznor: keyboards, vocals
Dave Grohl: drums, vocals
Les Claypool: bass, vocals

It isn’t that far-fetched, man. Billy and Robert have worked together. Trent and Dave have worked together. And I think there was a rumor that Trent was going to work with Robert if Robert ever put a solo project together. So, it could happen.

Anyway, now that I’ve shown you mine, you’ve got to show me yours.