A Happy Thought

I had a happy thought today and, rather than focus on all the mundane details of my day, I thought I’d just share the happy thought. My happy thought was that someday I would have the opportunity to teach my child to read. This just about lit me up inside, the thought of reading to them and then reading with them and then, finally, of watching them read.

Just think of all the books we’ll get to explore together and then, of all the books they’ll be able to enjoy themselves. Think of the awesome and wonderful responsibility of shaping a child’s reading list, of suggesting things to them. And think of the first time my child tells me that something I recommended sucks. Think of the joy I’ll have when my child, later in life, recommends something to me.

I know that it’s a silly thought. But when you get so easily wrapped up in the gloominess of life, as I do, sometimes it’s the silly thoughts that bring you back from the brink.