I Shall Call Him Earl

I made some cosmetic changes to the site this morning that I’m fairly pleased with. A fair amount of the things that were bothering me visually have now been taken care of. Yet there is still much to do. So much, in fact, that I’ve written a to-do list for the first time in a long, long while. What’s nice is that, having written the to-do list, I now feel as if I can pick away it leisurely. I don’t have to get it all done all at once because I’m afraid that it’ll all disappear from brain if I don’t.

As exciting as webpage design is, I did eventually feel the need to venture out into the outside world today. Stef and I did lunch, window-shopping at the mall, and then made a trip to the comic book store, where I spent oodles of money I shouldn’t have spent. I discovered I was missing an issue of one of the books I’ve been reading, one that I hadn’t yet added to my “pull list” at the store, and we set out to find that missing issue without much luck. Then, it being time for dinner, we ate dinner.

What spectacular sentences you write, sir. If only you were writing about something instead of nothing.

I’ve decided that the voice in my head who is always on me like a gnat, who was constantly badgering me as I drove home today, just because I’d spent some money on something as frivolous as comic books—I’ve decided it’s time he had a name. His name shall be Earl. When I get mad at myself, when I make myself feel down, I will have someone to yell at now.

Yes, I know this sounds strange. I know it sounds vaguely reminiscent of a psychotic break, or some other mental disorder. But let’s just let me be weird, okay? I’m on my best behavior when I’m weird.