On This Day

Allow me, for a moment, to lament the loss of the “On This Day” feature which once ran on the sidebar of this site. When I upgraded to a new backend system back at the beginning of this year, the “On This Day” feature, which included links to entries written on the current day in years past, was one of the things I had to learn to live without. At the time there was no plugin for the new system to perform a similar function. There is now, but it doesn’t work exactly the way I’d like. And I’m telling you this because there was a moment on Thursday where I wanted to use it, where I wanted to just glance over at the sidebar and see where I was a year ago today, and I couldn’t.

So, I did it the roundabout way. I clicked on the good old archives link on the sidebar and then I clicked on the good old 2004 link on the archives sidebar and then I scanned down and saw where I was last August. I skimmed a few entries, and all the anguish of that month came flooding back to me. We had just moved into our townhouse a couple of weeks before, and I was having trouble with my writing and reading assignments for the MFA program, and, most of all, I was worried about my job.

Curiousity got a hold of me and I scanned the titles of the August entries, looking for the date on which I was let go from my job. It was August 23, 2004. I began to smile, remembering where I would be a year later. You see, on August 24, 2005, just over a year later, I will be in a doctor’s office listening to my baby’s heart beat for the very first time.

It astounded me, this turn of events. To realize how far I’d come, it pulled me out of the dark spot I’ve been lingering in for the past few days. From that exceptionally unhealthy situation to standing on the cusp of something amazingly healthy and wonderful—I really have come a long way, in a short time.

Such is the usefulness of a journal kept for such a long time. I have over ten years of memories to look back on on this site, and whenever I need perspective it’s to the archives that I go.