Slow, Familiar Rhythm

I never thought I’d say this, but I think the three days Stephanie was away were exactly what I needed. Her absence seemed to help me focus less on the pregnancy, something I have little control over, and focus more on the rest of my life. On Wednesday and Thursday I really felt as if I slipped back into a more comfortable rhythm, as if my life were calming down again. It doesn’t hurt that we’re nearing the end of the first trimester at breakneck speed and that Stephanie was able to get on without me and have a good time with her family for three days. Finally, I felt as if there were a little less weight on my shoulders.

I do hope that someday I am able to arrange things so that I can again go camping with her instead of being the one stuck at home, but I was happy for the chance to be alone and regroup.

I should also point out that I was equally happy to have her back home on Thursday night, lest you think ill of me for revelling in the absence of my pregnant wife.

Even as tired as she was, she saw fit to get up and have dinner with me when I got home after a short post-commute jaunt over to my parents’ house to drop off Mom’s birthday card. It was a strange dinner—she had a bagel and cream cheese, having had a bowl of cereal earlier, and I had two grilled cheese sandwiches—and we watched some Discovery or History Channel special called Ape to Man while we ate, but it was good to be back in a slow, familiar rhythm again. Very good, indeed.