Game 114 - Sox vs. White Sox (W 9-8)

I don’t necessarily buy all the doom-and-gloom being bandied about regarding the Sox pitching situation and how it doesn’t bode well for September and beyond. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Patriots fan and I subscribe to the theory that a win is a win is a win. The Sox have won four straight, they are a season-high 19 games over .500, and, most importantly, they realize (at least some of them) that they can still get better. Reliever Mike Timlin admits that, “We’re still not completely firing on all cylinders.” This is all good people.

A good team is more than the sum of its parts, the cliché tells us. And I believe that. Yes, we’re without our closer and the guy that’s closing games in his place should be starting. Yes, our first baseman can’t hit homeruns. And yes, our middle relief is a mess. But we’re winning games, people! I know baseball isn’t football, but permit me this last comparison: The Pats won last year without Ty Law, their pro-bowl cornerback, and without Tyrone Poole, their other star cornerback; they spent most of the year playing one of their wide receivers as a defensive back; they won in the postseason, for the most part, without their pro-bowl defensive lineman Richard Seymour; and they won with the constant off-field distractions involved in losing their two top coordinators to head coaching jobs. All of that was going on, and they just kept on winning.

So, enough with the panic. We won the fucking World Series last year. And, yes, we might not win it again this year, but we’re going to do well. Repeat after me: We are going to do well. We are going to be fine.

Tonight the Sox send David Wells to the mound as they take on the team with the best record in baseball. Is it a warm-up for a future playoff matchup? Only time will tell.