A Friday Cold

With a beast of a cold coming on, I finished my three-week quest to re-read the entire Harry Potter series again. The closing pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince didn’t bother me nearly as much this time and, looking back on the notes I’d been taking over the past three weeks, I was fairly pleased with the material I had to start writing my uber-essay on fans who don’t have a fucking clue when they make predictions because they haven’t been paying attention to the damn books.

In the evening, both Stephanie and I now dealing with the oncoming onslaught of clogged noses and sore throats, we took it easy. Flipping between the Pats game and the Sox game, we were quite pleased to see both hometown clubs pull out victories.

And that was about it for Friday. Our Internet connection, which goes in and out a lot more often than I’d like, decided it didn’t want to work for a good long while, which is why this entry is so short, and so late. But dem’s da breaks when you’ve got Adelphia delivering your service.