Aching Shins

Stephanie started a new diet on Monday and I figured it was as good a time as any for me to finally get my ass back on track in terms of fitness as well. I had been thinking about doing a daily walk for a couple of weeks. When I was working in Boston I walked to work every day. It was a nice fifteen minute stroll that got my blood pumping and raring to go. My walk to work nowadays consists of a ten foot trek from my bed to my desk. I needed to start walking and I did and now… now I kinda regret it.

My legs ache so damn much. On Monday I only walked for half an hour. Tuesday morning I upped the length of my walk to forty minutes and my body didn’t like it. I mean… it liked it at first. It got me really pumped and raring to go, to get through the day, but that only lasted for so long. By the late afternoon when I was walking out to my car to deliver a couple of internet cables to JonMartin my shins were crying bloody murder.

And though I did quite a bit today, including argue with The Man about how He owes me money, and write a killer letter of recommendation for a former professor of mine, the pain my body is causing me had brought me down, made me feel a bit blue again. I don’t want to write about feeling blue. I do that too much. I know that I only feel blue because I’m tired and worn out so I won’t write about it.

Oh fuck it… I feel


I think I’ve gotta come up with another five part series or something to kick-start my creative juices. Wasn’t the whole Tracy series good reading? I think it was. I think maybe I should do something like that again instead of wondering about what to write every night. When I did the Tracy series I immediately felt rejuvenated and felt like I was doing good work here and for a couple of months I kept feeling that way.

Anyway… we’ll see. It’s not that I think I’m writing crap. I thought yesterday’s entry was pretty good. I just wish I didn’t have nights like this, nights where I don’t have a clue and have no idea where to go for inspiration.

We’ll see.