The Last Shot?

I just gave Stephanie what might have been her last progesterone injection. If all goes well with her blood test on Monday morning, we will have no shots left to administer and we will be one step closer to a “normal” pregnancy. As non-traditional as the beginning of this process has been, Stef could be just another pregnant woman by the end of the day tomorrow. With no more shots to give, and with one less thing to worry about, the reality of the situation might finally begin to sink in for me. And that will be good. That will be very, very good.

It will also be very good when this damn cold goes away. I have actual plans involving social activity on Thursday, both during my lunch hour and after work, and I certainly don’t want to be dashing off to hang out with my various peeps whilst still dabbing at my runny nose every thirty seconds. It does seem to have lessened in intensity today, but the fact that I have a runny nose at all is quite a pain.

It’s worse for Stef, of course, since she can’t take any cold medicine. Add the symptoms of a cold to the pregnancy symptoms she’s already dealing with on a daily basis, and you can see that I have no right to complain. I’ve been doing my best to make things easier for her this weekend—thinking before I speak; getting her lots of tea; and doing the groceries without protest and without assistance—and I think she’s really appreciated that. At least that’s what she’s told me.

So, we might be done with our shots and, hopefully, I might be nearing the end of this terrible three-day cold. All is good in the world of the Clarks, at least for the moment.