No More Pains in the Ass

A day later, the doctor’s office finally got back to us to report that we could cease the progesterone injections. This determination was based on the result of a test done on the blood drawn from Stephanie on Monday morning. The doctor’s office measured the level of progesterone in her blood to see if it was above twenty (Twenty what, I’m not sure. I don’t know what the unit involved is). If it was anything above twenty, we were all set to stop the injections. If it was below twenty, we would have to continue until her body caught up as it was supposed to.

The level was at forty-six, more than double what it needed to be. To say that I felt secure after hearing this would be an understatement. All the fears I had about the pregnancy failing the moment she was off the progesterone were quelled. It seemed that, once again, things were going our way.

Now, if we could just get rid of these colds and celebrate. Egads, it’s been a miserable time. It’s been more miserable for Stef, who can’t take anything, than for me, but miserable for both of us just the same. I’ll be very happy when we’re rid of this excess of phlegm in our household.

But the happy news outweighs the sad. Our baby appears to be progressing nicely, and a week from Wednesday we will get to hear his/her heart beat for the first time. Even with this nasty sinus headache, I can’t help but smile at the wonderful, wonderful thought.