My Wife, The Hobbit

At some point on Saturday morning, Stephanie began to ask about second breakfast. Try as I might to stop it, I could not help but giggle a wee bit at my pregnant wife. I was there when the nurse told her that she should be eating small meals every three hours or so in order to combat her morning sickness, so I knew that she must have a couple of breakfast-type meals each day, but the fact that she’s using Tolkien terms to describe her meals now was just a hell of a lot more funny than I could have anticipated.

Yes, I know that you should never laugh at a pregnant woman. But it was funny, damn it!

And, for the most part, Saturday was a nice, fun day. Mom brought Auntie Lil by the house on their way to the airport so she could see it for the first time. And after their short visit, Stef and I drove for a bit, just wandering aimlessly around southern New Hampshire. And that would have been a fine trip, had it not been for the exceptionally sharp U-turn I tried to make in a Hudson, NH parking lot which resulted in a flat tire the likes of which I have never seen. I’m surprised there wasn’t metal scraping against pavement as we tried to find a place to park and change the tire—that’s how flat it got.

We had two guys roam across the parking lot as I tried to change the tire. I guess I was probably swearing a bit too much, and a bit too loudly, or else I just carry an air of ineptitude around me. I must just look like a guy who’s not capable of changing a tire. Anyway, they were helpful and I did my best to be gracious and eventually I did get the tire changed, thanking my stars that it was a full spare and that we just bought these tires at the Volkswagen dealer a couple of months ago, which might mean we don’t pay as much to replace them.

I just had to take a deep breath after writing that sentence. I thought you should know.

Anyway, the tire incident could really have brought the whole world down on around us, but it didn’t. I was manageably upset, and we managed it by going to see The 40 Year Old Virgin, one of the funniest and most original comedies I’ve seen in quite some time. And after that we came home, ate leftovers for dinner, and watched The Fellowship of the Ring on TNT.

And yes, I did laugh when they asked Strider about second breakfasts. I just couldn’t help myself.