Red Eye

Each time I made the trek down the hall to the bathroom on Monday, my eye looked worse. I could feel it too, as if a blood vessel had burst or something. There was this sort of warm, fullness there, as if I were about to cry at any moment. I knew I had seen it this bloodshot before, but I don’t think I’d ever paused to consider why it might be like this. It was only the left eye; the right was perfectly normal. But it didn’t look right. It didn’t look right at all.

Thankfully, it wasn’t impairing my vision in any way. There were no spots, no traces of blurriness, and no signs of any other problems. It just looked horrible, like I’d been ingesting something illicit, but only on that one side of my body.

In the end, I didn’t do anything about it. With our health insurance and financial situation as it is, I don’t think I’ll be making any trips to the doctor unless I start to go blind. The fact is that it’s probably the result of a lack of sleep, or of staring at the computer for too long, or maybe even the result of my use of a facial scrub on Monday morning. Maybe a piece of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub got somewhere it shouldn’t have. Maybe that’s all that it is.

It’s still annoying, though. I’m not even over my cold yet, and I have yet another minor medical emergency to deal with. A couple of companies ago, my boss used to joke with me, asking me each morning what health problem I’d stumbled across that day. It is funny, I’ll admit that. But these maladies aren’t often imagined. They’re very real. It’s just that they’re silly and that nobody in the world could ever believe that they’d all happened to me.