Tori and Dan’s Ceramic Bowl :)

Tori and Dan made Stef and I a beautiful ceramic bowl for their wedding gift to us last year. Its blue and red and has a flowery-type design on the inside. On the bottom they wrote a little something. I love this bowl. Stef loves it too. Today as I was washing it as part of my marathon apartment cleaning session I thought about how cool a gift it was, how cool all of our gifts were and how so many people put so much thought into them. I smiled. For once, I’d had a happy thought while cleaning.

If I’d been looking for the answer to what kind of activities would make me feel like I’d done something with my day, today I found it. I cleaned the whole apartment this afternoon. I vacuumed the whole place, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, did the dishes, put a bunch of stuff away in our storage closet downstairs, and cleaned the toilet bowl. When I was done I sat down to see if I could buy tickets to Episode II online yet (they went on sale in a lot of places today, but not Lowell) and I felt good about what I’d done.

Stef had a rough day yesterday and I’m guessing today won’t be much better. The last thing she needed was to come home to an apartment that looked the way ours did. If she comes home on a Friday and sees the apartment is a pig-stye she’ll wake up early Saturday morning and have the whole place clean before I get out of bed. Then we get into a fight about how she should’ve left something for me to do, and how I should’ve done some of the work during the week if I wanted to contribute and…

Well you can imagine it just goes downhill from there.

Anyway, the apartment is clean and now Stef and I can relax and enjoy each other’s company this weekend. We did that last weekend but there’s no rule saying we can’t do it two weekends in a row. There’s no rule saying we can’t relax every weekend instead of busting our ass cleaning the apartment. In fact, I think there is a rule that says you should relax every weekend and we just break it all the time.

But not this weekend. This weekend we relax and we look around our apartment at all of the gifts that people bought us last year and we smile.

I betcha Tori and Dan never thought their ceramic bowl would brighten a Friday afternoon for me a year later.