The Amazing Spider-Man

I simply didn’t know what to do with myself today. After yesterday’s spurt of productivity on my part, Stephanie and I were left with no chores, no responsibilities. That was the point but I found myself having a difficult time coping. We went to see Spider-Man in the afternoon and I thought the film was simply amazing (and I just read it is on course to shatter the previous opening weekend record set by Harry Potter, raking in a whopping $41.4 million on Friday alone). But after that I was back in the same place, wondering what to do with a Saturday where there were no chores to fulfill.

On our way back from the movie Stef and I discussed what we thought. I loved it. She liked it but had some reservations about the love story between Peter and M.J. I was distraught. You know me. I can’t stand conflict. Why couldn’t we both just love the movie unconditionally? Argghh…

I misinterpreted her dislike of the love story to be an overall dislike of the flick, which was not true at all. To soothe myself I went online to see if I was alone in thinking that this was the best comic book movie ever. I was satisfied at first to learn that I was not alone at all but then my curiousity grew. What did the people who hated it think?

As I was reading the few negative reviews I could find, (among them Roger Ebert’s review… that Ebert… I’ll never get him…) I grew increasingly frustrated. Why couldn’t these people just like the movie too? What, were they stupid or something?

Anyway, that’s what I ended up doing with my afternoon, that and playing more No Mercy. What ever will I do on Tuesday when I have to return it?

The only other thing of note today was my reading Andy’s blog, where he detailed the story of someone stealing the van at the Merrimack Repertory Theater, where I used to intern and where he works currently. I had to drive that van around a lot during the semester I worked there and hearing about its ordeal made me want to write Andy and talk about our van experiences. I didn’t write him though because I don’t know what his E-Mail address is anymore. I know the one he used to use but I’m sure he probably doesn’t check it anymore.

Anyway, that’s my day.