The Pregnant Blonde Woman at the Supermarket

It was in the canned foods aisle at Hannaford’s that a blonde woman rose from a crouch just in front of me, holding a can of tuna fish, and said to me, looking me dead in the eye, “I don’t think I can have this while pregnant?” I was, I think you will agree, understandably bewildered. My wife is a brunette. And she was at home, not in the grocery store. And she knows that she can have tuna fish while she’s pregnant, just not much of it. I was about to respond to the poor woman when her bald and buff husband popped up from just behind me to console her. Continuing on down the aisle, I had to stifle a laugh. It was certainly the most ridiculous scene I’d been a part of in quite some time.

At home, after bringing in so many bags of groceries you would have thought we were the ones in the direct path of an oncoming storm, I related this story to Stephanie. We had ourselves a good chuckle and continued about our day.

As with Saturday, I essentially did whatever I pleased on Sunday. I played a little of The Sims 2, read a few comic books, and did a little work on this webpage. In the evening, after a quick run to Taco Bell for dinner (I’d planned on baking a pizza at home, but a pregnant woman’s cravings always take precendent), we sat down and watched the MTV Video Music Awards. I’m not sure why I thought this was a good idea. We came in late, which meant we missed Green Day, one of only two or three performances I’d actually wanted to catch, and by the time Kelly Clarkson came on to end the show, in what I would easily call the night’s best performance, I was ready to throw my remote at the television. The only thing that redeemed the event, and it was only a partial redemption, was the return of Beavis and Butthead to MTV. I think Stef was a little scared by how I cackled at their every appearance.

I also watched the Sox game, though that was earlier. And Stef and I had a discussion in the car about how I had to start figuring out how to swear less, with the baby coming and all. That, I am afraid to say, is going to be a tough chore.