Patriots release Davey, Cobbs, Reid

The New England Patriots today released quarterback Rohan Davey, along with running back Cedric Cobbs, and safety Dexter Reid. I can’t say I didn’t see Davey’s release coming, and I think anyone who is shocked by this development simply hasn’t been paying attention. With Flutie aboard to be the veteran presence behind Brady, and Cassell impressing everyone in camp, it was only a matter of time.

The release of Cobbs was more of a surprise, but not much more. I had the impression last year that Cobbs was the running back of the future. But, with Kevin Faulk serving as the change of pace back and Patrick Pass doing everything in his power to prove he can do just about anything running the ball, it was bound to happen.

Reid was also not a surprise. They’re overloaded in the secondary and someone had to go.

As an aside, I think it’s worth mentioning that even veteran receiver Troy Brown doesn’t feel entirely confident that he’ll make the roster. There’s a lot of talent on the Pats’ roster and that’s going to make for an interesting ten days leading up to opening day.