One of the two new chapters I mentioned in Saturday’s entry will involve a high school era party/social gathering. I did manage to attend one or two of those in my day, but I find that my knowledge of the goings-on at such things is still fairly limited. So I’ve decided to put the question to you folks, my dear readers. Generally, I’m looking for any reminisces you may be willing to offer regarding parties you attended during your high school years or parties you attended back in your hometown during breaks from your first year or so of college. Specifically, I’m looking for anecdotes from the latter part of 1995 and, even more specifically, I’m looking for memories from people who lived in or around the Merrimack Valley during that time.

I’ll take what I can get though, from anyone who’s willing to give me something, whether it be in the comments section of this entry, or by email. I’m of the opinion that high school parties don’t vary that much by location or by era, but I always like to get some authentic details into my stories, which is why I’m asking for Merrimack Valley people in particular. The novel, as you may already know, is set primarily in Chelmsford, where I grew up, and in Harwich on Cape Cod, where my ancestors once lived.

Anyway, I’ve been consumed with this chapter lately and it was constantly in my thoughts on Monday, which is why I’m taking a whole entry to solicit your stories.

The chapter will be told from the perspective of a female character still in high school who has some observations about the coolness/lameness factor of kids back from college attending the same party that she’s attending. She is also considering giving up her somewhat-disdained virginity to someone in attendance, though she hasn’t decided who. Having lost a lot of weight over the summer, she is suddenly turning heads in a way she’s not used to and she’s interested in this most unexpected shift in power.

Anyway, I really find myself wondering how much alcohol was involved in these sorts of things, how much sex, and how much, if any, illicit drug use was going down. And I’m not necessarily thinking that this is a huge party, like something out of an American Pie film. I’m thinking this is more of a large gathering of friends. Maybe there’s a couple people playing the guitar in one corner. I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you.

So, let me know if you have any thoughts. I’ll be beginning work on this chapter, hopefully, by this coming weekend. And anything you could offer would be most appreciated.