Game 130 - Sox vs. Devil Rays (W 7-6)

Assuming the rain stops at some point here in Kenmore Square, Curt Schilling will take the mound tonight for the Sox as they try to put up another dubya against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Is “dubya” in and of itself a bad word? I mean, so long as I don’t capitalize it, all is good, right? I suppose I could have just written “W” instead, and avoided the potential controversy, but I just don’t understand why our jackass commander-in-chief has to ruin a perfectly nice word for everyone else.

I was actually having this conversation with Stephanie the other night. I mean, what makes a bad word a bad word. “Jesus Christ” isn’t really a bad expression unless we put it in context, unless we add the exclamation point. So why can’t we acknowledge that “fuck” isn’t really a bad word either, and that it’s just the context it’s put in that makes it dirty. Same with Dubya. I mean, c’mon…

Anyway, did I mention that I helped Johnny Pesky move a sawhorse today?