Young Woman With Healthy, Active Sex Life

I finished reading The Rules of Attraction on Wednesday afternoon and, while I wasn’t underwhelmed, so to speak, I wasn’t quite as into it as I would have expected. The voice is certainly unique, and the notion of quick overlapping scenes told from multiple points-of-view was definitely worthwhile for me to look at, but I guess I was expecting more of a revelatory experience from the book. The way sex is treated, with a peculiar combination of casualness and seriousness, is definitely something I’ll be looking back at, but the book was lacking in soul. I think that’s part of the author’s intent, as he’s chronicling the death of romance in the 1980s, but I guess I’m just more in the mood for something deep at the moment.

Picking up a copy on my lunchbreak of the latest issue of the Dawn comic book series that I am so obsessed with provided me with something deeper all right, but JML’s work is almost always too deep for a casual afternoon read.

I guess that the point I’m trying to get across was that nothing I read on Wednesday sated my desire to read something deep, something from a young woman’s perspective, and, in particular, from the perspective of a young woman who has a somewhat healthy and positive outlook on her active sex life. I guess that’s why I’m trying to write something just like that, because I can’t find it out there.

Of course, having some material to reference would be ideal. But I can’t seem to find anything. If you have any suggestions…