“The state troopers were talking about making arrests…”

This seems like such a silly thing for me to get totally bent out of shape about, but given all the horror that’s going on down south, and given the general incompetence of our government, reading this quote, from a Washington Post story posted on MSNBC.com, made me want to scream:

But then I said, ‘If we do take the car, some of us would be sitting on one another’s laps.’ And the state troopers were talking about making arrests.

The state troopers were talking about what?!? These people had the means to get out of the city, albeit uncomfortably, and they chose to wait out the storm out of fear of punishment by the very people who are sworn to serve and protect them? Honestly, there’s a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on these people and the state troopers are thinking about pulling them over because they’ve got to sit on each other’s laps? I mean, maybe this was the kind of rumor that starts out of nowhere, and the cops weren’t planning on doing any such thing, but the very thought that anyone would think of pulling over people trying to escape this disaster is just too much for me to bear.

And then, this:

It took two days for a helicopter to fetch them. They were delivered not to some kind of shelter, but to a patch of land beneath a freeway.

Sometimes I’m really disgusted to be an American, to be a human being. This week, I’ve felt like that every day.