My Brother The TV Star

This past Friday my brother John appeared as an extra on national TV on the WB sitcom, Maybe It's Me. The show is really kinda dumb but my parents at their house, and Stef and I at our apartment, gathered round the TV to see if we could spot him. We did spot him two or three times though we all disagreed on where. What we didn’t disagree on was how cool it was to see my brother actually out there doing it, going for what he wanted.

The episode he appeared in was the season finale. It was a prom episode and he was dancing in the background with a redhead in a blue dress. He tells me he wasn’t really dancing, just moving around. He doesn’t like to admit that he really can dance a little bit. Anyway, we saw him a couple of times and though he didn’t get to say anything or do anything monumental, it was really cool nonetheless.

John called me tonight to tell me he was signing up to do some more “background work” on a new version of the classic TV series, The Lone Ranger. He’s going in sometime in the next couple of weeks to be fitted in western clothes. I think that is so damn awesome. Forgive me if I suddenly think my brother is the shit.

I’m so proud of him for sticking by his guns and trying to make it out there. He’s doing extra work and he’s taking improv classes and he’s really trying to make a go at it. I wish I had the same tenacity right now. I spent most of today in bed, pissed off and upset with myself.

It didn’t help that it was too damn hot in our apartment today.

Regardless, I need to stay positive… more positive than I’ve been. The joblessness is getting me down. Despite my adding a regular hour of writing and a regular hour of exercise to my day I still end up feeling down in the dumps by the time Stef comes home. I struggle through making us dinner, wondering if keeping house is the only thing I’m good for anymore.

I bought tickets for Episode II online today. I plan on going multiple times but today I bought tickets only for one of those times, the time I plan on going with JonMartin. I’m still hoping they’re going to add a midnight showing at the Showcase Cinemas in Lowell and so I haven’t bought my first available showing ticket yet. I called them up today and they said they were hoping to add one and so I’ll wait a day or so, hoping that the 9:30 AM show doesn’t sell out if they don’t add a midnight show.